Hasarion Wars - v0.4.2 Alpha

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What is Hasarion Wars?

It's an online multiplayer strategy game set in space. You are playing as a commander sending ships from your bases to conquer all of the enemy's bases.

How to play:

Click on one of your bases, then click on another base to send half of your drones there. You can also click and drag to send ships, doing this you can also select up to four of your bases.

What does Alpha mean?

It means that this is a very early version of the game. There might be bugs and things not working properly in the game.

But we are working very hard to fix that. The game will become even better in the future as we keep updating it.

Latest News

Version 0.4.2

  • New bases

    Five new bases have finally arrived.

  • New maps

    Now you get a new map for every level up.

  • 50% off Hasarion Crystals

    For a limited time Crystals are 50% off, this offer won't last forever.

  • Bug fixes

    I've also done bug fixes and some small updates.